Real Junk Food Mcr is set for another first! We’ll be opening our city’s first waste food catering social enterprise, and we’re calling it…. Open Kitchen MCR.
We’ve secured the space, we’ll be taking on an existing but currently disused commercial kitchen in Chorlton, south Manchester. To make our dream a reality we need to raise £50,000, and so… WE ARE CROWDFUNDING!!!

The funds raised will be used to;

  • Repair the commercial kitchen and replace some equipment
  • Relocate our existing equipment
  • Buy small equipment needed to run a catering business safely
  • Produce education and engagement materialA standard commercial kitchen fit out usually runs on the region of £150,000 – £200,000, so by fixing up an existing kitchen, we’re doing everything we can to reduce waste and cost.

By starting this new venture we hope to;

  • Rescue even more perfectly edible food from going to waste
  • Lower our city’s carbon footprint
  • Offer businesses and organisations great catering that is as sustainable as possible
  • Support vulnerable people across Manchester in accessing enough food and great food
  • Support more people with vocational training and placements to get them back to work

How you can help us

We hope that you will agree that this is something incredibly positive for our city, and we hope we have proven through the Real Junk Food Mcr restaurant that we can make it work! Help us build the next phase of our waste food venture, and be part of team Open Kitchen MCR.
Pledge Today

For any other enquiries or questions about our new venture, drop us an email here [email protected]